Vozilo na gorive ćelije najavljeno za 2015.

Električna vozila i hibridi su danas možda in, no Opel je tiho najavio planove za vozilo na gorive ćelije za 2015. godinu.

Kompanija je također potvrdila planove o investiciji 11 milijardi eura za lansiranje nekoliko novih modela do 2014.

U povezanim vijestima, Opel će predstaviti tri nove familije motora (manji i srednje veliki benzinski motor, srednji dizel) koje su u potpunosti prilagođene nadolazećem Euro 6 standardu o ispušnim plinovima.

Opel Flextreme GT/E koncept je postavljen iz isključivo ilustrativnih razloga.
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Opel: Objava za medije (en)

Prime Minister Orbán Visits Opel

Meeting with Opel management on sustainability strategy and Ampera test drive

Rüsselsheim. The Hungarian Prime Minister and EU Council Chairman Viktor Orbán visited Adam Opel AG to learn about the company’s strategy for sustainable mobility. During his visit Orban met with the Opel management board, took a test drive in the Opel Ampera and visited the plant and the Design Center, where he viewed future Opel models.

Opel’s sustainable mobility strategy is focused on the downsizing of highly efficient combustion engines, launching electric vehicles this year, and planning the market introduction of fuel-cell vehicles from 2015.

Prime Minister Orbán drove the extended-range electric vehicle Ampera, which will be on the market by the end of this year. Thanks to its high driving range of 500 kilometers and on-board power generation, the Ampera is the first electric vehicle that can be used universally just like cars with a combustion engine. As part of a government initiative for green mobility, Hungarian authorities will evaluate the Opel Ampera.

In the Opel Design Center, Vice President of Design Mark Adams presented several new models which Opel will launch by 2014 within the framework of its eleven billion euro investment program.

The three new engine families that play an important role in Opel’s model initiative will be built in a new plant in Szentgotthárd, Hungary from December 2012. These are a family of small gasoline engines, one of medium-sized gasoline engines and one of medium-sized diesel engines.

The new engines already fulfill the strict EURO 6 emissions standard of the future and have especially low CO2 emissions.

Opel management board member Reinald Hoben underlined the important role of the new engine production plant. “Thanks to their high efficiency and low CO2 emissions, the new engines from the plant in Szentgotthárd are an important pillar – next to electric cars and fuel-cell technology – in our model initiative which establishes us as a pacemaker for sustainable mobility.”